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Video equipment



Video is a fantastic way to market a property, and with the ever increasing importance of an online presence, property videos offer a fantastic way to showcase your listings.  Whether it is solely for social media, or for a large scale marketing campaign, we have a video package that will suit your needs.  

Add video your property marketing pack, and we can carry out everything in the same visit, making life easier for everybody!

We offer 2 types; Video Walkthrough, and Premium Video.   Below are 2 examples from the same property for an easy comparison. 


Whilst it can be used to great effect on portals and your own websites, the video walkthrough really comes into its own on social media.  


The Premium Video comes with the Premium package, and has been designed with high end properties, show homes and new build developments in mind. They are carried out with a DSLR, so have a much higher resolution, and are finished off with a more creative edit...Great for showcasing stunning, unique and high spec features.

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