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On average, vendors have 19-25 viewings on their properties...Thats 19-25 times they need to tidy!  Life is too short.

Virtual Reality Device

 Virtual Tours allow buyers to see listings with far more detail and freedom than traditional marketing particulars can ever allow. Buyers can easily immerse themselves in any property on their mobile phones, tablets, computers as well as increasingly popular virtual reality headsets.  

8% of properties listed on Zoopla now include a virtual tour.  This is only going to increase as agents, vendors and buyers realise the benefits on offer.  Estate Agent Today recently declared that properties listed with a Virtual Tour generate 4 times more interest than those without, with 49% more reach and the properties selling up to 5 weeks faster.  These are difficult figures to ignore.  Get ahead of the latest technological innovations and stand out from the competition by adding virtual tours to your marketing particulars.  

Planpix can carry out your Virtual Tour, Professional Photography, Floor Plan and EPC all in one visit!  Get in touch now to find out how we can help.

Including Virtual Tours with Photography and Floor Plans also has the added benefit of saving time...and you know what they say about time and money!  Buyers can effectively view properties without ever having to leave the comfort of their sofa.  This can not only eliminate time wasters but is a great tool for second and third time viewings....Not only saving vendors time preparing for unnecessary and canceled viewings, but estate agents too.  


360° Showcase 


Navigate through these tours by following the "Hotspots" to each room, or by going to the floor plan in the bottom left corner and clicking on the camera icons in rooms you want to see. Don't be shy, have a good old nose around!


The 360° Showcase is a great way to impress both vendors and buyers alike.

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